Does anyone remember or have these ?, I found this photo !!! :)

  1. I was in fashion illustration class the other day and I was just flicking through a magazine from 2005 (yes, they keep really old magazines LOL). Anyway I came across this, its from 2005 and by Louis Vuitton, I took a photo because I had never seen them before.

  2. I've never seen those- anyone else?
  3. We need John here. He is the LV History buff! John?
  4. i've never seen those either. how much were they?
  5. Wow, pretty!
  6. I *think* it said £250 which is like $500, but Im not 100% sure
  7. I remember that picture but I never saw them in the store.
  8. I remember those! I saw them online ONCE... reminds me of s/s 2005 runway when the denim came out.... not certain if it was runway
  9. I have never saw them.
  10. I have never seen them, thanks for sharing.