Does anyone remember how much the JC TROY clutch retailed for?

  1. There is a leather Troy shown on the Choo website for $1295. It says to email for in store availablity.
  2. Jburgh!
    thanks - much rather buy it from them.
  3. Hey Jburgh,

    Just went to the site and didn't see it.
    Yes I am technically challenged ....
    Could you post the link?

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ^^Normally when they say e-mail for availability it means you can't order from I'd get hold of one of the SA's to see if they can locate one for you. Where are you located?
  5. You have to go to the JChoo homepage and type Troy the search window at the lower right.

    And jmcadon is right about the availability. Call your nearest boutique on Monday.
  6. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. OMG! SALE!!:amazed::amazed:

    None available - AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    jc torture!!!

    Oh, JC Gods - take pity on me!
    Do you think there's any possiblity of finding one?

    Samantha - how is yours wearing?
  8. I'm so sorry Lady chinadoll. They sold out during the last sale season. Keep that bookmark and check it regularly. NM and BG give customers up to a year to return merchandise, so sometimes a bag you have been dying for can resurface. Good luck. How are my Troys wearing? Beautifully! I use them pretty regularly and they still look brand new!
  9. wow! thats great. I had no idea:tup:

    thank you for your thoughts Samantha!