Does anyone remember Adrianne Curry?



    Adrianne Curry - the winner of the first season of America's Next Top Model - showed up to the Playboy Mansion for the first annual "HER Luau at the Mansion" (which benefits the Nicole Brown Foundation to stop domestic violence) dressed like this. I don't know if it's the fishnet top or the gold bikini, but the whole outfit just exudes class. This must be how royalty dressed in olden times.


    More pics when you hit the link.
  2. Is she still with Christopher Knight (aka peter Brady?)
  3. Lol! Oh yeah. I forgot about that... I have NO idea... I do remember that she was a head taller than him. :p
  4. what happened to the third season of my fair brady? did it air already and I missed it?
  5. Yeah what happened to them? Are they still married?
  6. well it is the playboy mansion and it is a Luau theme :shrugs:

    i loved their show. yeah they're still married
  7. I kinda liked her pre-boob job better...
  8. ^^ me to. She has a great lower body though.
  9. She was going to the Playboy Mansion and I think we should all be thankful that she wasn't wearing 2 bandaids and a cork.

    I really don't feel anything toward her. I'm kind of neutral about her.
  10. Wha? She got a boob job? Man, she so did not need that. Her body is just beautiful, in my opinion.

    I've liked her since day one. Don't really know why. Just do. :smile:
  11. her face in pics looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones a bit.
  12. I wonder if she knew that everyone else would be fully clothed. :confused1:
  13. awww..her boob job sucks! They are smallish and they STILL look totally fake. Bummer.
  14. She 's hot!!!