Does Anyone Recommend Scotchguard....??

  1. Hello, I have a couple of suede Chanel purses and didn't know if anyone has ever Scotchguarded their purses?? or take them to get protected?

    What do you recommend? Has anyone done this? What were you results? If you've done it, is there a particular brand to purchase?

    Thanks, This is the first time posting on the Chanel board. I'm pretty new here, and like to learn much about my favorite designers.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions, help, and precious time.:smile:
  2. I have never owned any suede purses, I'm of no help. I just wanted to welcome you to the Chanel sub-forum on tPF.:smile:
  3. I would definitely Scotch Guard the interior, it pulls inside out.
    If it's suede I would definitely protect it as well.
  4. Smooth - Thanks for the welcome!!

    Swanky - The interior is cloth, but the outside is suede. I am nervous to see what to do. I also have a Celine bag that's suede and I don't know what to do. I was wondering if anyone has done anything. I haven't asked at the Boutique or Neiman's what to do.

    I wanted to start pulling out some purses that I haven't used in awhile and just wanted to prepare these purses for any wet weather.

    Thanks for both of your responses. =)
  5. I'd FOR SURE protect the outside w/ a good suede protection and I pull the inside out of my bags and lay them on a fresh trash bag outside, I cover the exterior of the bag and then Scotch Guard the interior really well.
  6. I'd say that you should treat the suede, but before doing that, I would either call the Chanel toll free number or talk to your Chanel SA for recommendations on what product to use. There are different products that have different active ingredients, so you want to make sure you use what's best for your bags.
  7. Thanks for the advice Chinchillamoose. Love the name! I will do that, I still have a few months before winter here. =)