Does anyone Recognize this Wristlet?

  1. Doing some 'window shopping' on eBay and came across this wristlet. The color combo is appealing to me. Does anyone recognize what season it's from and if it came in these colors? I'm sad COACH doesnt have this style on their website anymore and I didnt think to look for this style last time I visited the outlets.


    Thanks guys :heart:3
  2. I saw this style wristlet at the Coach outlet today but I've never seen that color combination.
  3. Thats the one thing that concerned me, but the COACH tab looks legit so I think it's okay. . .? I dont know, I think I'll just check the outlets again.
  4. Yeah that's from the Hamptons collection from (IIRC) 2 years back, when they had the leather totes with the contrasting piping colors. I had one of the totes that was hot pink/fuschia with brick red contrast, but ended up returning it for something else. These were all over the outlets last summer, which is when/where I originally got mine. HTH!
  5. i have it in black with brown piping, bought it a few years ago
  6. Thank you ladies! So at my outlet they only have this style in solid colors, no combination colors like this one :[ Maybe they'll get some later? Or I'm just SOL because I'm still relunctant to buy off eBay, lol.