Does anyone recognize this Coach purse?

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm totally in love with this Coach purse :love: but I have no idea what it is, how much it retails for or anything. I've only seen it on e-bay, but I'm too scared to buy it from there and have it turn out to be a fake. Do any of you recognize it? Is it still in stores? Any help would be very appreciated!

  2. Im thinking Signature Striped Demi....but not 100%
  3. If you want it straight from Coach you could call 1.888.262.6224 and ask them for style number 6899. They might still have some in stock! Its happened to me before :love:
  4. Yay thank you Kiari!!

    I just called Coach and the said they no longer carried it in their stores.. and then I called the outlet near me and they said they weren't going to get anything like that in for a while. Darn! I always find things when it's too late to get them :cry:
  5. Maybe members can help you. If they are going to the outlet their outlet may have it!
  6. YAY! Good luck sparkles, that Coach is so adorable!
  7. I agree with Kiari, go with Ebay.
  8. hmm, it is gorgeous.
  9. yes -i used to want it in denim. that's a demi pouch I think. don't quote me.
  10. SDBooth is an excellent authentic seller. I have bought from her more than once.
    You can get great deals on Purses on Ebay. Just have to know what you are buying and what the signs of a counterfeit are. Not all of ebay is bad. I am a seller and have sold and bought 100's of bags with no problems.
  11. Thank you for all of your suggestions! This is such a gorgeous purse... whoever owns is very lucky :love:

    Unfortunately I'm terrified of purchasing designer handbags off E-bay. I've heard so many stories of sellers who use bait and switch tactics, threats to give no refund for leaving neg. feedback or saying the bag is fake, powersellers with 100% feedback that sell fake purses that I'm pretty much scarred for life.

    There definitely are some great sellers on E-bay and I'm sure the seller mentioned only sells authentic goods.. but for my own peace of mind I'd rather purchase it from an official store or from someone in this forum.

    I'll just wait and see if I can run into this purse at the Coach section of Dillards (they keep old merchandise on stock a lot of the time) or if any of you all sees it or has it and wants to sell it - please let me know. I'll be your new best friend :lol:
  12. I will keep my eye's out for one!
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