Does anyone recognize this bag?

  1. Am I doing something wrong/right?
  2. ^I don't understand your last post{?}

    I've never seen that abg.
  3. Never seen any Chanel handbag that looks even similar to that bag?????????
  4. It's my first time posting and I wasn't sure if I was in the wrong place or the right place. Sorry for the confusion.

    I've heard of people using this consignment shop with great results. However, I don't recall seeing a Chanel like that before either. But, I'm certainly no expert - so I wanted to bring it here and ask.

    Thank you.
  5. FYI - I believe the email I received informed me that the bag was '05 - '06 from Chanel.
  6. ask for the hologram # inside, that'll indicate the year made.
  7. good luck~