Does anyone recognize Jessica's tote?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. it looks like Tod's to me
  3. I second Tods. Interesting to see Jessica carrying such a conservative brand.
  4. Third the Tods tote
  5. thanks!
  6. I can see her bra almost as well as her handbag!:lol:
  7. definitely tods
  8. It's the smaller version of this (from e-lux):

  9. It also looks like:

  10. Tods.
  11. Tod's. Didn't someone in the forum just buy one exactly like that? And she returned a red one to get it?
  12. I really like it and I really want it...
  13. Tods.
  14. Its the new Tod's D Bag with whip stitching. I got it about a month ago, you can see it on the Neiman Marcus website.
  15. looks like her body guard caught a glimpse too!