Does anyone really expect to get their best offer at 50% off the BIN accepted?

  1. I am currently selling a bag for $600 on eBay.

    I was looking at the automatically declined offers and two different people offered $250, $275, and $300.

    Would you/have you ever offered less than 50% of the BIN value?
  2. How much are similar bags going for?

    If I knew that someone had gotten the exact same bag for $300, I would offer just around that, but also tell the seller why my offer is significantly lower than the BIN price.

    However, if all of the other similar bags are in the $500-600 range, then I wouldn't offer 50% of the BIN price. That's just insulting.

    Maybe these buyers are not serious and just offering for fun? Maybe they're just thinking "oh maybe if I could get it for $250 then I'd get it."
  3. I have had offers of $20 and $200 for a brand new $1000 LV. I think some people have no clue and are just doing it on purpose to annoy the seller. Most of the time they are newbies but I have even had offers from high feedback bidders trying to lowball my auctions. Go figure?
  4. I think it has happened before. One particular UK seller was selling a MJ bag at BIM or Bo but it seemed a bit high so I didnt put in an offer too low in case I offended. After the auction ended she had sold it for 40% of the price so I could have afforded it! I think people are trying to get a good price from you with the economic climate as it is. I hope you get a decent offer soon.
  5. Some of the offers people submit are :lol: :rolleyes:
  6. I have gotten offers like that from to potential buyers for a 600 bag, they ofered 250 each one but was rather insulting..... what I´ve read is the most they can ask for a discount it would be between 20 to 30 percent off, depending on the item and how high is priced....
  7. I just got my Mini Lin Saumur at less than 50% of what the reserve price was on the auction. So I know it can happen. I just happened to find a desperate seller who needed cash more than the bag!

    I've been known to watch some auctions that are just relisted and relisted and relisted, and wait until the price comes down or whatever. I don't do it to be insulting, I'm just a bargain shopper. Worse case scenario the seller says "no!".

    However: super lowball offers annoy me A LOT. I get those quite a bit when I sell.
  8. You would really have to have unrealistic expectations to even imagine an offer half of the BIN would get accepted...morons;) but then again, the question is free to ask!

  9. Honestly no... I would never offer a seller such a rediculous offer. I do offer them either what the bags or going for, or if it's something I know they picked up at any outlet I usually offer them the outlet price with tax plus $50. It's always worth a shot. I think some sellers and buyers can be very greedy.
  10. I usually look through completed listings and offer just a little bit lower than what the item has recently sold for. Of course I love to get a good deal and I know that sellers can counter my offer. A lot of sellers mark their BIN or BO items way up so in some cases 50% is reasonable. As a seller, I've gotten some pretty silly offers - $50 for a NWT $650 purse? Yeah like I'm going to accept that...
  11. I have had lots of really low ball offers, I usually set my auto decline at a price so I don't have to deal with them!
  12. Same here. I am happy to let the auto-reject tell them:roflmfao: they are ridiculously lowball, not me!!!
  13. I agree. So, if the seller is asking $300-500-900 over what was the highest sold price in the completed auctions for that bag, I am going to go way lower than his/her BIN price. *This happened recently, & why it is fresh in my mind* ;)
  14. I have had my offer accepted for something less than half of the buy it now as as buyer (though I admit that my eyes were popping out, I couldn't believe it), so I can see why this is happening on eBay. I've even seen a jacket for $275 buy it now that got accepted for an offer of $100.
  15. Thanks guys, so some people are just really getting/giving bargains.