Does anyone REAL tan anymore?

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  1. Do you tan - like outside, on the cot, with the towel, the tunes, the bottle of water... You know, like in the 80s?

    I used to hate it - which is great b/c it's so bad for your skin. I just hated the feeling of sweltering in the sun, sweating. But we've been in our new home now for 3 yrs. and we have a pool, and I just LOVE floating around in my floaty bed while my son naps (he's inside - and I've got the monitor on etc.). I wear SPF of at least 30 and the last couple days, I actually napped in the pool... It's incredible, ahhhh.

    Does anyone go outside for the purpose of tanning anymore? Is it still okay to love the sun?
  2. I have no choice..We have a boat and you can't get away from it..Unless you go inside...I'm up early in the am washing, wiping..whatever...constant maintenance..So from sun up to sundown...I'm screwed..I wear sunscreen but I know it's not enough...If it's hot you sweat and it's very hard to keep it on...I baby my skin though..constantly smearing stuff all over...I'm really surprised I DON'T look like a prune..and lots of moisturizers/serums at night time..maybe this is why (?) But...I love the outdoors...and I 'm not about to stay inside when it's nice out!!
  3. Will you adopt me please?
  4. Oh yeah, I love laying out in the summer! Eventhough it gets super hot in Dallas I still enjoy it. My bf and I laid out and got in my pool last weekend and it was great. We actually did a no-no, we tanned at the tanning salon first then laid out...oops! :shame:
  5. I'm excited that summer is just around the corner...can't wait to get outside and enjoy the Texas sun! I am in desperate need of tanning!! :rolleyes:
  6. I don't go outside without at least SPF 30 on. I do like the beach and the pool, but if I'm outside for long periods, I wear at least SPF 50 and re-apply like crazy.
  7. Through the long, cold, bitter winter, I think about how much I can't wait to lay out in the pool in the summer. I love setting up my radio or reading an old magazine and floating around with lemonaide in the cup holder of the floaty chair.
    I don't get too much color when I go outside though, as I'm a fair skinned Irish girl, but I just LOVE relaxing outside in the sun!
  8. i love laying by the pool and relaxing. the tan i get also looks more natural than using the beds.
  9. Come on over. I am mixing the iced tea while we speak..:tup:
  10. *starts to pack...*

    Your description of floating on a floaty bed in the pool, whilst the sun beat down on you, brought back such wonderful memories of renting a villa in the Med. I would let the lilo drift as I gently splashed water onto my hot body, cooling me as I drifted in and out of sleep.

    Having such a stressful time at work just now, I was almost back there... :shame:
  11. Yes and no. I do lay out for a while but always wear a sunscreen. However, this past weekend was out in the yard reading (w/no sunscreen) and fell asleep. As far as laying out for hours though trying to tan, no. Does it count if you wear sunscreen though?
  12. I live to lay out in the sun, i'm being more careful now though, wearing sunscreenand not staying out too long. It feels so good!
  13. Yes and no for me too.
    I live in WA almost year round. I escape to my other home in CA where we have a pool. I sometimes tan, but I prefer a fake tan. I burn pretty easily
  14. I live in Florida. It's mandatory to get a "real" tan ;)

    I like to lay out by the pool here on lazy Sundays. I bring a drink, magazines, and chill out for a couple of hours. I probably get out in the sun the most over the summer, when I'm out on the boat fishing or lobstering in the Keys. I always wear SPF 30 sunscreen, and still manage to get great color because I have olive skin and tan easily :smile:
  15. I always get dark in the summer, because I spend every extra minute I have on the lake!!!!