Tech Does anyone play Halo 3?


Dec 10, 2007
i play once in awhile but i'm really terrible. i never know how to locate anyone or anything. i'm always walking around lost and getting shot. hah.

my bf is an addict though. he doesn't play when i'm around but during weeknights, he'll play for hours. he's had today and yesterday off from work. he doesn't play during the day but he'll be up until 3-4AM playing.
HAHAHA that is so me. I have tried to play once and all I did was spin around in circles shooting the walls. I can't control/understand how to do the joystick thing with your thumb. All I ever was good at was Dr. Mario.

Now my boyfriend, HOWEVER, is Halo freak. He plays non-stop and it is as bad as that movie depicted it as! You could scream into his face and he wouldn't even hear you. And now to top it off since they came out with the keypad thing for the controller, he texts everybody when he waiting for a game "match" or "spawn" or whatever the hell he calls it.


Sep 26, 2006
New York City
I play as well. I beat Halo 3, legendary mode, skulls, terminal locations, campaign points and all. I just started Gears of War 2, but I already beat the first Gears on insane mode. I played and beat COD4 (but haven't finished veteran mode yet, and its a bit difficult considering I don't own the game anymore haha).

Basically I play anything that is a first person shooter. My favorite game on the 360 to date however would be Mass Effect, such a beautiful game. I highly recommend it if you like RPG/Shooters!! Although Dead Space came into a close second, it was so scary.

As you can see, I'm a hardcore gamer and I take video gaming very seriously. I even work part time at my local Gamestop!!

If anybody wants my gamertag or ever wants to co-op, just PM me for my gamertag!
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