Tech Does anyone play Halo 3?

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  1. Just wondering, I've been playing all the time and run across another woman on there maybe one out of every 10 games :Push: A lot of my other girlfriends have gone on to Call of Duty 4, but honestly I'm not a fan. I'd rather blow up aliens :upsidedown: New people in general would be nice to play with though, so regardless of gender, post and lets play :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. I play, but I don't have an XBOX live right now :sad:
  3. On VERY few rare occasions when my BF insists. I rather play on the Wii.
  4. Damn you Charles, get LIVE nowwwwww lol :nuts: jj. Let me know when you're on again though :smile: We can slay in the name of tPF!
  5. I do, and I'm on live! I haven't played in a couple weeks (since I made Lieutenant Grade 2, whoo), but a tPF fragfest sounds awesome.

    If anyone wants to add me to their friend list, my tag is outptsystm.
  6. When I go home my brothers make me play Halo 3 with them. I prefer Wii too. :smile:

  7. Nice!!! We should play :tup: I'll send you my gamertag. I just made Lt. Grade 3, I will have that captain dual boxes thing soon enough :Push: Or well at least I hope :smile:
  8. i do, i do! well...actually my dad and i did a halo 3 marathon (with 4 hour sessions) lol. lots of fun!
  9. Well damn it Caley lets play! lol. I think I played for like 9 hours yesterday, I was stuck in a vortex and couldn't seem to do anything else :roflmfao:
  10. I have been trying to talk SO into getting an Xbox, just so I can play this game! I might buy "him" one for Christmas! lmao
  11. :roflmfao: please do, and then lets play! I love playing Halo with my bf, he is underway right now though so I won't have my Halo bf back til late Feb :cry:
  12. I should get a 360 again around February. At this point, Meaghan's brother has mine, he inherited it when I got too busy for it. I also lack a solid HDTV to play it on... H3 is definitely the first title I'll pick up for it. Looks sick!
  13. Vlad: Looking forward to you getting it so the tPF leader himself can lead us to victory! btw, you definitely should get the best HDTV + new xbox money can buy. Megs got her birkin, now its your turn! :lol:


    OMG that is so me, well not totally, but sometimes when the bf is talking to me I don't hear him because I'm playing and for one I have a headset on an ear and the other ear just won't hear any of it while I'm playing.
  14. OMG! lmfao! That would so be me! "Mt. Dew and Frito Lays" hahahahhaha!