Does anyone Own....

  1. Does anyone here own the "shopping" the one with no zipper...which is the main reason I like it...I would like to know what you think of it..personal well as pictures if you have...that would be EXCELLENT...I just recently ordered one..(I know they are now discontinued) however I would like to know if that one would be better than the "work"....due to the fact that I can put the "shopping" on my shoulder...and it can hold my files and paper work easier than something with a zipper..I also think it would make an excellent carry on....thanks sooo much guys!:smile: :smile:
  2. I have owned both, and I definitely prefer the shopping. (I need to have something that goes over the shoulder because I have two small kids and I need to have my hands free.) The only thing about the shopping that bothers me is that it's a little too deep (for me at least). Since there's no zipper, the top flops slightly, and the two top ends don't come together when you put the bag down. I wish it either had a zipper or were a little less deep. Here's so you can see what I mean - there's a piece of paper inside.


    Hope this helps!
  3. This shopper bag is's definitely a great steal for it esp it's a discontinued style now.....:smile:
  4. Omg thank you sooooo much for replying and for your helped sooo much...I realized that I love it even more seeing in actually being used instead of flat in a picture...thanks very much!!:yes: :yes:

  5. i found one :

    hope it will help:smile: