Does anyone own/want to own this series of Ergo?

  1. I love this's so beautiful..almost Not a patchwork, if you KWIM. I found THIS beauty on the Japan website. Of course, I can't find it on

    My question is: for those that have you love it? Why? How is it holding up? For those that don't, based on your knowledge, will the suede (?) work or not??

    (This goes for all the Ergos in this style/pattern) It's style #40832...
    40832_B4MC_d2.jpg Japan coach.jpg
  2. It's suede AND velvet and there's a US version in stores/online now. I just don't trust myself with this bag, if it gets dirty there is no way to clean it. I'd be soooo paranoid.
  3. It's a very nice bag, I've seen versions of it at my Coach boutique and it's really pretty in real life. I'm not usually big on the Ergo line but I did like these colorful bags. If I wasn't so hot for the Abbey bag I might've considered getting one of these.
  4. Thanks for the opinions so far, ladies! I just found it on (didn't realize it was a pouch). I might consider buying just the pouch...but that money could go for another purse w/more longivity. :yes:
  5. There's a hobo, too, not just a pouch. It should be on
  6. I was fondling it today. I love the wristlet. I especially love the bag in the reds. But its too big for me.
  7. I think that bag is gorgeous and I would love to own it so much, except I love the shoes more and don't want to be too matchy matchy.
  8. I really like those and thought abot getting one but I am really hard on Suede purse

    on another topic I can't wait to see what the fake ones of this style are going to look like ! I bet it will make you wanna puke
  9. I did see this IRL in the hobo, I would prefer the tote. It is a great, fun, all season, bag, it is more of a free form quilt pattern. It's nice that it's not overloaded with obvious C's. The red/burgundy is really pretty/elegant. Hold up? . . . probably like most Coach suede, most of don't like suede. I would generously spray it with Apple Rain Guarde.
  10. Wow...I love is gorgeous, and would be perfect for fall/winter!!! The only thing is, like someone else said, you'd have to be careful with it caz suede gets dirty so easily...but the colors are dark enough, so that probably won't be much of a problem! Let us know if you decide to get it! And of course, post pics!
  11. It's a pretty bag but not my style. I would love to see someone carrying it IRL to get a better idea of it. I hear it's a very popular style in Japan...
  12. I saw them in the store tonight, so pretty. But, that is a purse I can look at but I wouldn't buy because it's suede! I had a suede purse once and I had to baby it. You should have seen me when it rained, I would stick it in my coat and shield it from the rain haha.