Does anyone own Vintage 1 denim???

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  1. i need help with sizing! i love the look of them, with the motorcross looking knees. they are on sale now all over the internet but not sure what size to order. i am usually a 28 or 29 in william rast, true religion, people's lib, and frankie b. thanks!
  2. I would order a 30 if you're smaller in the waist or 31 if your waist/hips are about the same size. I'm a 26 and have a pair in 26 and two pairs in 27... I think I lucked out with the 26 because both pairs of 27s are smaller in the waist (by comparison). Good luck!!
  3. hmmmmm...i just bid on a pair on eBay that are a 29. the bid price is only @ $20 so no biggie if i do win them. i can just use that size for comparison.
  4. ^That's a good price!! I hope they fit!!
  5. I´m a 28 in true religion, j brand, 7fam and a 27/28 in rock & republic. My vintage1 in 29 are too small.:sad: I think I needed a 30 or 31.