Does anyone own Vera Bradley bags?

  1. Any do you like them? I bought a tote on eBay to lug my stuff to the gym. It arrived a few days ago and its awesome! I used it today when I took my new puppy (her name is Chloe) to the vet because I didnt want to carry a good bag.

    I have never purchased cloth bags before, but this bag is so well made that I want more. They would be great running around bags.

  2. I think some of them are quite cute. I like the Java Blue pattern.
  3. I own three and love them. I have the apple green (retired) tote that I bring to the pool in the summer (tons of inside pockets, perfect for sunblock, juice boxes, etc.) and two of the "backsacks". They no longer make this style which is a shame because they are perfect for going to a street festival or walking around a busy area where you need your hands free.

    I know a lot of people hate VB; they think that they look like like something their grandmother would wear etc. I totally understand why they feel this way but I do think that VB bags have their place and that they can be quite convienant (sp).

    Here is what the backsacks look like:
  4. I can see the appeal, especially since they're easy to clean, but I haven't yet found a VB bag I'd carry. I don't like their styles.
  5. I have one, wore one out previously. They are comfortable to carry--lightweight yet strong. I think they're cheerful. I can understand young women not being drawn to them, but that's ok.

    The yellow and blue one I have now was bought while on vacation. I'd purchased one of those "healthy back" bags especially for the trip--darned if it didn't hurt!! So I dashed into a card and gift shop to buy something I could use and I bought the Vera Bradley. I overheard some teenagers saying it's a grandma bag--ok, I'm not going to find their bags to my taste either. Anyway, it made my trip a lot more fun.
  6. I've heard great things about the Villager. I'm hoping to order one this year. It would be great to lug all over the place, and not have to worry about as much.
  7. I have one quilted blue microfiber small tote that I got as a gift with purchase from crabtree and evelyn and I own a Chelsea Green tote that I use for the gym or just for school.
  8. I used to carry Vera bags, finding the inside pockets a great organizer. Ming was my favorite pattern.

    Since finding Koobas I have Ebayed all of my Veras to more loving homes.

    For quilted bags, they are nice.
  9. I have two bags in that same pink and green pattern. I took them to Europe last year to use. One is as a carry on bag and the other a matching demi style purse. I saw an older lady with the same purse, but I don't really mind that.
  10. I think they're great. I have a couple of totes I use for summer and I love that I don't have to be careful with them. If they get dirty, I just toss them in the wash. I'm actually thinking about getting another one to use this summer.
  11. I have a red bandana print one-medium size--like it very much. A second one in black with white small flowers, cute and small. Also, I've got as a gift a turquoise wrist bag--very cute, but I've never worn it. I think the bags are comfortable and pretty.
  12. We were at a rest stop and three women were washing their hands and I was waiting for my daughter and all 3 women had Vera Bradley's. Total strangers. In some circles the bags are worshipped not sure how to put it.
  13. VB is all over the Philadelphia area, what can I say, some people don't get Fendi and I don't get VB. To each his own.
  14. I have a pink tote and a purple tote that I use for my daughter if she sleeps over at her grandmother's house or something like that. They are cute but not my thing for an everyday bag. They are everywhere in Ma. too.
  15. My 15 year old just had me get one off eBay. She wants to use it to tote her school stuff. Apparently they are all the rage at her high school. Old lady? go figure!