Does anyone own two or more of the same bag but in different colour?

  1. I've just purchased a Josephine PM in Cherry and I'm eyeing a Khaki one...I can also see myself 'collecting' the Epi Saint Tropez in every given colour under the this normal?:confused1:
  2. yes..i plan on doing it with the speedies. i looooove them
  3. Many people do. Irene's noes sprind to mind right away. More than a few girls have multiple speedys. I have 2 antigua GMs....if you like it go for it! :smile:
  4. I have 8 pochettes and 4 speedys.....many people buy multiples on the same thing!!!!!!!!!
  5. It feels good to be understood:love:
  6. I have two Epi 25 speedies, Moka and Cannelle. Love those speedies... :love: And I am one of those people that did not originally "get" the appeal of the speedy. :shame:
  7. I, too, didn't get the whole speedy thing until I got one. Love them!!
  8. Yes!:graucho: :lol:
  9. I have three Almas: toledo blue, mandarin, and new red. When you find a style you like, go for it, I say!
  10. Me too!! So far I have 3 speedy's and 1 more on the way! 2 of them are Epi Speedy's just different colors!!
  11. yup, i do that all the time!'re pretty normal to us.
  12. lol, i agree :yes:! i have several bags, but i'm just starting to collect certain LV items. so far i have 2 speedies, 2 pochettes, and 3 cles, but i can see those numbers increasing shortly.
  13. Yes, I have 3 CB retros, 2 CB PTIs, 2 vernis reade PMs, and 5 vernis french purses. You're not the only one, this is pretty normal.. LOL!
  14. Not yet but in the future...definitely!
  15. I have a mono Speedy 25, a Mono Speedy 30 and a Damier Speedy 25 - so three! I love them all!