Does anyone own this

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  1. wallet, i ordered it but have not receicve it yet, no store has this wallet. My local store said they never got it and its limited in JAX. Have you seening it in store?
  2. Nope! I haven't seen that at either store that I frequent. Looks lovely though!
  3. Yes, I own this wallet. Got it to go with my Medium Lily... :heart:I LOVE it:heart:. So easy to stay organized & it's beautiful. I think you'll love it.:tup:
  4. Hi and welcome. I can wait to get it.
  5. I have never seen it, but it does look like a very cute wallet. And it looks like it is easily organized!
  6. I saw it at the legacy boutique.
  7. I bought it last week in Camel, and I'm waiting for the same in TEAL! I'll post pics once the Teal arrives.

    I've not seen this style in stores and it is limited. When I ordered the Teal, they only had 70. It's also available in JAX in Sunflower, Wow!

    Which color did you order?
  8. Does anyone know if this comes in platinum with nickel hardware?? My SA said the metallic has the brass hardware.
  9. IDK, the only colors that I saw with this style number were, black, camel, walnut and new colors teal & sunflower. The metallic is probably under a different style number. So call JAX to inquire about the hardware.
  10. I want to order this wallet also but I can't decide which color to get. I have the whiskey, walnut and black xl lily and want a color that I can use with all three. Any suggestions?
  11. There was one at my outlet last week.. it is GORGEOUS and could even be used as a clutch in a pinch. I saw one in a different color but the pink/lavendar inside is beautiful and yes I wanted it so bad!
  12. I say the walnut it would be a great match to all your bags.

  13. I personally don't like the look of black and brown together in most cases, JMO... so I would probably go with a color. I think teal would work with all, or even sunflower.