Does Anyone Own This Saddle Bag?

  1. I was trying to decide to purchase this saddle bag, but I wanted to know if it is small enough to fit in a regular sized bag. It's the Blue Logo Saddle Bag and it's only $150.00.
    Blue Logo Saddle Pouch.jpg
  2.'s very small. seems too thin to be of much use. What are u using it for?
  3. i have a similar one in black but a diff logo pattern.

    able to cramp in my phone , blotter , compact case , lipgloss & a coach mini skinny. LV wallets won't be able to go anywhere near it :smile:

    the size is comparable to a LV pochette :smile: should be able to fit into a regular bag.
  4. I was thinking about using it as a cosmetics bag within my regular bag. Sounds like it's small enough to fit 2 lipsticks, a compact and lotion.
  5. should not be a problem :smile:
  6. It looks very small but don't underestimate its capabilities. I have the light denim version of the bag and mine fits a ton of stuff i.e. my wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.
  7. i have it & i agree w/ astrise, it is comparable to an LV pochette. it can be used alone or you can put it in a regular bag. :smile: