Does anyone own this Prada?

  1. hi ladies

    I am trying to get a handle on this tote, does anyone know what it looks like IRL, is it huge is it too pillowy? Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated:yes:

  2. I don't have this but have seen it. My first thought was actually that it looks much smaller in real life than I thought it was in pictures. Not small as in too small just not huge or anything. I didn't think it was too pillowy. I think its supercute! Are you wanting brown or black?
  3. I want it in brown, and it does look cute!! Thanx for your input kneehighz, also do you know if it has a shoulder strap? there is an identical one on Bluefly and it shows a shoulder strap but this one is at NM and it does not show a strap or describe one in the description of the bag.
  4. I would check this for you but have to be out of the house asap, if the bag is the same as on the neiman site (looks the same, has same code) then it should have a strap. I don't remember the strap from when I saw it in the store because I didn't try it on..just saw it on the shelf thing. I'm not sure but someone here has this bag I think...maybe you could do a search or look through the photos?
  5. I havent seen it IRL...Im going to NM this week..Ill see if they have it so I can look at it for u
  6. Thanx ladies, I really appreciate it!!