Does anyone own this new clutch?

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  1. It just came out about 2 weeks ago. I would think it should go on sale in June or so?
  2. Grace that is really cute.
  3. Its on sale at Bloomies.... its $246.
  4. ive seen that IRL and its even better in person, trust me.
  5. Oh, I like it lots! Loving large clutches right now. Are you getting it?
  6. OMG thank YOU! I have to go see if I can get it!
  7. Ok guys, Taupe or Black??? Which?
  8. I say Black. I LOVE it. I think it looks like it should be part of the Collection line and not MbyMJ...super luxurious!
  9. Got one in Black! If anyone else wants one or something else, be sure and use FSHIP for free shipping. Saved $17.95 on shipping! YAYAY:yahoo:
  10. ^^ Yay, congrats! please post pics after you receive. I'm sure there are plenty of tPF'ers who havent seen that style before (myself included)! :tup:
  11. I will! :wlae:
  12. Yay! Just checking back & see you got the black. I would love to see modeling pics when you get it to get an idea on size.
  13. no problem:wlae: