Does anyone own this Fendi bag?

  1. I need a black bag for work to wear with suits etc. Do you think this would be too flashy? I am deciding between this bag and a Chanel. How is the access with this bag? Is this the medium B Bag? Doesn't say on BG....The medium is the perfect size for me so I wouldn't want anything larger.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. a couple of girls have it in diff colors on this site. i dont but i LOVE the bag
  3. I have the medium Fendi B in cream canvas with a black patent trim. The pic you've shown is the medium bag and it's fine for my day to day needs. It holds a large wallet, make up case, mobile, travelcard, keys and even a book. Access is a little tricky as you have to press the release clasp each time you want to get in which (for me) means taking it off your shoulder and balancing it on one hand whilst holding the flap open (which is quite heavy as it has all the 'hardware' on it!). Not much fun when you're in a fast moving queue for the card-readers in the tube station!

    Having said that it is a lovely, good sized bag and surprisingly practical. I decided to invest because I believe it's going to become a classic but I know there are those that don't. If you are also considering a Chanel and you want longevity in your purchase and a bag that won't date you might be happier with that. I am a complete convert to the B Fendi bags though, they're fun-loving and cute which quite frankly is what you want on a dreary London morning! Let us know what you choose!

    P.S. I might post some pics of said B bag if anyone's interested??
  4. Thank you so much! As much as I L O V E this bag, I'm not sure if it would be a good fit for me because I need an easy access bag for work. Maybe, I'll get another color though for play. :graucho:

    PLEASE post your pics!! I am dying to see the black one on someones arm.

  5. I have the tan and black leather. It does take a little getting used to with the clasp, but like all bags, the more you use it the more you get used to it.
    Its the most perfect daytime bag, I will go dig out a piccie of me carrying it.


  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love: Looks great on your arm. I :heart:the brown and black combo. Looks better on your arm than the pictures. So pretty!!
  7. I LOVE this bag!!!
  8. This is the cream canvas with the black patent trim. If you're looking for a bag to wear with suits etc this probably isn't the colourway for you because it can look a bit casual. I don't have a pic of it on my arm yet but I will try and get one.

    Have you made any decisions about what to get yet?? ;)
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  9. I love the cream canvas, its so elegant, but I am far too clumsy for such a gorgeous bag! I think I would be too scared to use it and end up just looking at it :biggrin: lol
  10. I ended up buying a Chanel, only because it zips. I really need an easy access for my black work bag. That doesn't mean I have to have an easy access for play! ;) I LOVE the cream canvas. So chic!!! :love:
  11. OHHH- I just saw the Fendi B bag at Bloomingdale's~ I want the black cashmere one!:love:

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

    i just bought that bag at NEIMAN (PARAMUS) TODAY!!! was a cOMPLETE SPONTANEOUS BUY! i saw it in the show case and i FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!

    i will take some pics camera is low on battery!
  13. ^^^Please don't forget to post pictures!!!! I am dying to get this bag! Congrats!
  14. I love your bags ladies!!
  15. I have this one and it in tulip. I love it and if you are going to use it for business it would go with fendi b/c it is more durable than chanel.