Does anyone own this Crystal Lock?

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  1. I really want to order this lock from NAP but I haven't seen it anywhere!
    Has anyone actually seen this or OWN it?
    I'm wondering how the crystals are attached and how durable it would actually be? :confused1:
  2. I was wondering this too... And are they sparkly-er in real life? :confused1:
  3. Yes it's beautiful! I want it too!
  4. ive seen it irl and had to be dragged away, its stunning!
  5. Thanks madamestuff,tomato2730 & gucci_girl_gg for responding! I noticed there is one on eBay that gives us a closer look! WOW, I like it, regardless of the Bling!
  6. go for it, its amazing! much much more stunning irl!
  7. I heard there is a gold version... Was the gold a past one or to still come out? :smile:
  8. I can't see the picture and checked on the site! Is it still there? I want to see!
  9. I just ordered it! My experience yesterday with my Blue/Black Paddy from NAP was GREAT, so I thought --- final Christmas present to myself:lol: .
    1/2 off, no tax and free shipping!
    Will post pics when it arrives!
  10. ahh good girl. These padlocks are gorgeous. Happy Christmas to yourself ;)
  11. Congrats!!!!!!! I love the crystal lock! Wish I could find it in gold!
  12. I can't see anything on the link. Can you post a pic? How much is the lock alone? Does it come in gold as I have a chocolate Paddingon?
  13. Shiny! Congrats!
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