does anyone own this banana republic....

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  1. and if so, how do you like it?

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    or this miu miu?

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    I'm looking for a large white tote and I keep seeing all kinds that I like. Any suggestions would be welcome. What works for you?
  2. Don't have BR bags above. But thought these Michael Kors are cute too:

    All from
  3. oooh I like those. I'll have to go check them out....thanks!
  4. ooh...they're all so gorgeous! The michael kors astor is my fav! I'd just be so scared of getting them dirty! how do you all maintain it's pristine whiteness? That's the only thing holding me back from getting a white one. Oh I tried out the white BR at the store the other day and it was great! I would totally get it if I wanted a reasonably priced bag.
  5. Cute BR bags. But wait a couple weeks and they'll probably be on sale. They have such a quick turnover rate for merchandise.
  6. Wow, I love those first 3 Michael Kors ones!:love:
  7. thanks I will!
  8. That's why I wouldn't invest that much on a white bag. Some of the Kors ones are on sale at nordstrom now.
  9. I had the BR bag, and really liked it. The leather is very nice for the price, and the size is great too.
  10. I like the last one the best.
  11. The tote is from the Spring/Summer line so it wouldn't go on sale until the end of summer. (June/Aug?)
    I know the white one at my local mall is sold out until new shipment arrives! Its an extremely roomy bag.

    But both bags are soo cute!
  12. question.... i saw some BR bags on ebay for quite good prices. Do u guys think theres even such a thing as fake BR bag? i dont think so myself, but jsut want to double check before i consider purchasing
  13. I think you can buy a fake anything but the real BRs are so cheap, why risk it? Wouldn't know how to spot a fake BR....unless it was scotch taped together or something.