Does Anyone own This Bag???

  1. Hi Everyone! Years ago I bought my first 2 B Bags from Barneys N.Y. The cognac first and the Army Green first. I could not keep both at the time so I returned the Army green one. I have regretted it since and have been looking for the army green bag on E bay for a long time. I have never seen one listed. Just the black and the cognac. Does anyone own this bag or seen one? I am just curious as I have not seen one. Thanks! It was such a dark beautiful shade of green, almost black in some lighting.
  2. The new vert thyme looks a bit like an army green, have you seen it irl?
  3. Yes! I am sorry! It is the flat brass first! It is the olive green flat brass, the stealth of all B Bags! I have never seen one listed on E bay, it is so elusive! If LP has one I would loveeee to see a picture of it!!! She has a rare bag!:drool:
  4. Yes! LP does have it! It is one beautiful bag!!