Does anyone own this bag?

  1. I was in LA before Thanksgiving and went to Chanel on Rodeo. The SA Kerri showed me the most amazing bag, black calfskin and she called it a messenger bag. It had the logo on the sides and it was a very large hobo-ish bag. I can't locate pics anywhere on the net, but would love it if someone owns it and could post pics so I could show DH. I have the item number but want to show it and get his opinion. It retailed for $1795.00 I believe.
  2. love to c pics?!
  3. google the #, see if a photo comes up:yes:
  4. Ultimate soft maybe?
  5. Yeah, that's what I thought too, large lambskin ultimate soft.
  6. duh, great idea. I will try that. Thanks Swanky!
  7. any answers yet?
  8. sounds like an ultimate soft to me. i don't think it's in calf skin, lambskin instead?? it has shoulder pads or no?
  9. I spoke with an SA here in Dallas, she looked up the item number and it is called simply Messenger Bag in calfskin. She said it was from last season and no one has this bag anymore except one showing at the Southcoast ? store and she felt like that was a computer error. :sad: I am sad. I should have gotten it in LA. The SA there told me it was a newer line, limited so I thought I would have plenty of time. Oh well. Guess I will have to pick something else. I liked the look and the softness of the bag. No blaring logos and not very structured. It was truly a gorgeous bag.