Does Anyone Own This Bag?

  1. i just bought 3 new bags (pricey ones, thanks to selling older ones on eBay) and want to get a black bag, but not for TONS of, this is what i found...would love some opinions! thanks! (i have a coupon for 25% off because of being a preferred customer)...


    i need a black bag and don't want to spend a ton of money because i just got 3 new bags over the past 5 months...yikes!
    do any of you own this bag? if so, what do you think of it?
  3. Song...have you had one of their duffles before? I had one identical to this size and it is awfully narrow. Only 1 1/2 in width. I had to stack stuff on top of each other and remove things to get to items in the bottom. Nice looking bag. That is my only complaint and I didn't know if it would bother you.
  4. Just got this bag in the medium chestnut color. I haven't really used it yet but I like the size.
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  6. thanks swanky mama,
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  7. Song, I have to agree with Lexie - I had a duffle also and while it looked great, it's awfully narrow and hard to get stuff in and out of. It only works well if you carry the bare minimum with you.
  8. I have the same exact one only brown.. it's cool but it scratches easily... the scratches are supposed to add character but it is very comfortable and extremely sturdy!
  9. I don't own the bag- but it is really cute
  10. I got it in the same color and size. Very soft leather. Great for travelling but could not fit in much things. But I still love it.