Does anyone own this bag (patchwork)? Opinions needed

  1. [​IMG]

    I am like in love with this bag, in either color (id be fine with either the gold or the blue) but before i get it i want to know what you all think of it. Like is it functional, is it easy to cary (especially on your shoulder), is it overpriced....etc. Thanks:smile:
  2. oh noes! does no one have this bag?
  3. It is $458 at retail right now, kinda pricey. However, if you are near an outlet , I would hold off on purchasing it just yet. They will be available at retail until July 30th so after that they will most likely appear at outlets. If you are near one and can wait I would get it in August, assuming that they aren't all sold out at full price.

    But if you are not near an outlet and you really want the bag, get it before the end of July, because it won't be available after that! :yes:
  4. with my PCE it would be 25%off. do you think i could beat that if i found it at an outlet?
  5. Sry, I don't own one but I was at the Coach boutique just a few days ago and had tried on this bag in both colors. The gold is gorgeous and I really liked how great it looked whether it's on your shoulder or on the crook of your arm. Also, there's a ziplock comparment that divides the bag into halves horizontally which can be useful to store your wallet and other valuables if you're scared of things falling out and/or pick pockets. With the PCE coming to an end, I suggest that you go to your nearest Coach boutique to try it on and see if it's worth the price.
  6. thank you for your response. i should definately head out to the boutique considering tommorrows the last day of PCE
  7. I have tried this on in the boutique and did not think it fit well over my shoulder.
  8. Oh I know what you could do :idea:. Get the bag now with PCE if you love it! And if you can hold off using it, you can check with the outlet later to see if they have it for cheaper. Seeing how fast new deletes items are moving to the outlet, you probably wouldn't have to wait too long after its no longer on the website. If they do have it for a lot less (probably more than 25% off), you can return it to the outlet, with your receipt.

    I guess the only problem is that you would have to hold off using your beloved bag! But that would be a good way to make sure you get it at the best price. :p
  9. Pretty bag. I haven't tried one on though. Looks like it would be fun to carry.
  10. Oooh! thats an idea. i dont know much about the coach return policy though. is it like 30 days? 60?
  11. omg. i just thought of a new question. what if i buy one color and then decide i want the other color. are you allowed to exchange it for the same price? what about if they would have to order one for me
  12. It's actually an unlimited time frame for new unused full price merchandise! SO yeah you can return it whenever with receipt to get a refund or you can return something without the receipt for merchandise credit at a retail store.
  13. wow. that seems ridiculous. you could return stuff like a year later
  14. Definitely a satchel, not a shoulder bag.
  15. I like it!It's pretty bag!