Does anyone own these?

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm about to buy them, and I was wondering if it was worth it.
    I tried them on today, and they looked nice, but I'm not sure what kind of reaction I might get.

    Anyone own them?
  2. Have you searched the clubhouse or the visual aids. There are plenty of members that have these gorgeous sunnies. I know you will love them because they are handmade in France and super super comfy.
  3. Oh! Thank you.
    I didn't think about looking there!
  4. if you love it, flaunt it :smile: who cares what others think hheehe
  5. I tried them on, wanted to pink, but they were really big on me, looked like ski googles.
  6. ^^Lol same here. They were massive on me, I looked like a robot.
    But then again, there are a lot of LV sunglasses that don't do much for my face shape.
  7. Yeah, did nothing for my face either. I've seen it on Gwen Stephanie and a few TPFers. It looked really good on them.
  8. I have these and LOOOVE them! I have gotten nothing but compliments and jaw dropping stares from them!

    obviously mine are black lol

  9. Lol yeah that's because they look GOOD on you!
    They don't work for a lot of people though hehe.
  10. I agree! lol the bindis look AWESOME on matt, but seriously I don't think it works well on most women irl
  11. I love the Bindi! So out there but gorgeous!
  12. I think the bindhis look awesome, and they're definetly not as flashy IRL as they are on the page.
  13. Definitely didn't work for me. I looked so silly wearing them. Actually, I looked ridiculous.
  14. I don't like the Bindis very much, but they look great on Matt!!
  15. i tried them on , they were too big on me and i have a round face . they looked very masculine. they look great on matt , i think they are more of a man's sunglasses.