Does anyone own these shoes-CLs? Opinions and Model pix plz!

  1. What do you ladies think about these CLs?

    I think they are gorgeous but wanted to hear your opinions first and also if anyone owns a pair please help me and post a model pix plz...

    BTW the pic is from to let you know....
  2. I tried on the non-platform version of those (the "Ernesta") the other day and they were cute. Personally I'm not too fond of the hidden platform being plastered on just about every CL style these days.....IMO the platform makes certain styles, breaks some styles, and for certain other styles the effect of the platform is just blah. This "Ernesta" style IMO is better without the platform.....that's just my personal opinion though. They have the non-platform version in silver, black patent, fuschia satin, etc etc.....I just think for this style w/o the platform it's more timeless.
  3. RRR --

    I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! They're wonderful and sophisticated but also young and timeless. Wrapped platforms do WONDERS for your legs -- they are here to stay!

    Try them on -- you'll know in a second if you love them or hate them.
  4. Beauties, just gorgeous!