Does anyone own these earrings?

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  1. I just ordered these earrings from Neiman Marcus & was wondering if anyone here either owns a pair or has seen them IRL. If so, what do you think about them & also did they look too big?

    I was a bit reluctant to order w/out being able to try them on (my local NM didn't have them in stock) & I also thought they were a bit expensive for costume jewelry. But I guess it will be worth it if I really like them!!:yes:

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  2. Yeah, they are huge. But I liked them a lot though. If you are used to large ring earring, you'll love them.
  3. i saw them and i think they are adorable!
  4. omg, i think they are soo cute!
  5. omg!! I love them. I so want a pair.
  6. Saw them at Tysons Corner boutique. Very eye catching, big hoops -- takes me back to the 60's, the mod look. Way cool, hip, groovy, catch the drift. . . :smile:
  7. cool earrings.... i am sure you will love them..
  8. love em!:tup:
  9. I don't but it looks nice~
  10. the hoops are cute!!!
  11. I bought a pair of moon and star studs version not hoops one. I think it's huge and too expensive.
  12. They look very cute!
    I'm not a hoop earrings kinda girl though.
    They always seem to get stuck into my hair, my clothes or even into someone elses hair :lol:
  13. Ooh any modeling pics?

    I saw the hoops IRL and although they're big, they are very thin and delicate looking, not gaudy...not to mention gorgeous...please post modeling pics!
  14. I ordered them from the Vegas store and it takes a few days to get here, but I'll post pictures when they arrive!!:yes:
  15. yes they are so cute, what is the price of these