Does anyone own these? Comfortable?

  1. I would gobble up every pair of Miu Miu shoes from each collection if I could, but I really loved their Fall 07 shoes. Some of the styles are starting to crop up in sales and eBay for a bit less (finally!).

    Does anyone own either of the Naplak or Ruffle styles below? Most of my shoes have high 3" + heels, so the height is fine, but I was wondering if the style was comfortable? Thank you!

  2. I have never tried them but I'm a huge fan of them as well. Good luck!
  3. I can vouch for the Naplaks - super comfortable with that big stacked heel :yes:
  4. These shoes make me scream out loud!! They are perfection!!!!! (No, I don't own either pair, I am just shouting out loud because they are SO beautiful!!!)
  5. Thank you!
  6. I know! Aren't the colors just gorgeous! They might be hazardous to wear though, as I'd likely never be able to stop looking at them!
  7. Oh that made me snort out loud I was laughing SO hard!!!! Whew...

    If you get either pair, I demand modeling pics! ;)

    Those are great!
  8. OMG I about peed my pants....GORGEOUS! I love the high, solid whimpy skinny heels are allowed in PGal land, LOL!

    I have high heeled Prada platform mary janes and I would think that Miu Miu's would be somewhat the same in that they are high but a generous cut...far more comfy than they look.

    woo hooooooooooooooo love these!