Does anyone own these chloe boots?

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  1. I've been drooling over these Chloe boots forever, but I can't decide if they're right for me. They are 14.5 inches in the calf according to NAP and that seems kind of small, they also have a zip on the side which I'm not sold on. I really prefer pull on boots. Other then that though I LOVE the style. Anyways, I like to wear my boots loose in the calves, and I'm worried these are like tight calf boots. Does anyone own them to verify?
    Image is from NAP:
  2. I don't have this style, but the ones with the buckles on the side. The calves are snug and it's nearly impossible to wear them with anything other than a superskinny jean. But, they look amazing with skirts and leggings.
    They have the perfect heel height.
  3. Wah! I really wanted them to be able to slouch a bit over skinny jeans. Oh well, I won't be able to get them out of my head though. Maybe I could get the calves stretched at the cobbler? Apparently you can get about an inch extra out of that! :graucho: Does anyone have any experience with boot-shaft stretching?

  4. They are GORGEOUS! Me thinks I need those for Christmas!!:yes:
  5. I've had boots stretched. They can get stretched quite a bit as long as its done slowly. A little bit everyday for about a week.
  6. stretching is indeed possible - my calves are different sizes, so i get boots to fit my smaller calf and then get the other one stretched (and they're both quite large to begin with, thanks to playing sports as a kid). any boot with high-quality leather should be able to be permanently stretched by a good cobbler to accomodate a pair of skinny jeans inside them as long as they fit you in the first place. this works particularly well if they're lined in leather or not lined instead of cotton or a synthetic fabric.