Does anyone own thes GUCCI SANDALS???

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    I wore these sandals last night for the first time and oh my gooooosh they totally blistered my feet on both sides! I really love these sandals and want to keep them. My question for you all is will the leather stretch? If not, I will be forced to return them to the store.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. great looking shoe but unfortunately i don't own any gucci shoes right now.

    are you allowed to return used merchandise to the store,
    i don't think you can.
  3. just my question too :yes:

    your GUCCI SANDALS are great !
  4. Not trying to be nasty here but good luck trying to return them if you've worn them... :push:
  5. I don't think it would be right to return shoes that you've already worn, so I wouldn't try that. Instead, you could try wearing band aids where your skin blistered, or you could try rubbing a bit of vaseline on the area - some people say that helps. Good luck!
  6. Bring them to the store and tell them about it (show them your feet!)... they probably won't let you return them but they might have suggestions for either breaking them in or special foot pads or something. They're usually pretty helpful with advice...
  7. Don't get me wrong!!! I do not want to return my sandals, however if you see the blisters on my feet you will understand why. I just wanted to know if they will give. I bought them from Saks; they have an excellent policy when it comes to a situation like this.
  8. It's such a shame. They are such hot shoes!
  9. yeah, those shoes are hot... but they don't look comfy at all. Let us know what happens. GL!!!
  10. bring it back and tell them about it. They can put wax on the edges and/or use a stretcher to stretch out the lining. So far for me, gucci shoes have been a real pain in the butt when worn for the first two times. They'll be broken in after a few times.
  11. Hello,

    Those clogs look great, i have a pair, but they are very uncomfy. I doubt it has anything to do with the's more because of the wooden rigid soles...

    I never returned mine because i always thought it will get better, it didn't :sad:

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  12. I have had to return plenty of Gucci shoes do to this problem, if you are a regular customer especially Saks or NM will return them for you, go while your feet are still messed up, who can argue with that
  13. I have a similar pair, and I also had terrible blisters after I wore them the first time. However, they did stretch out a little bit, and now they are my favorite summer shoes to wear. I can't say for sure that yours will stretch and become more comfortable, but good luck! I hope they do!
  14. I have this shoe in suede...and am really is one of my most comfy pairs of shoes. Maybe give them a few more wears....
  15. Hey!!! What happened??