Does anyone own their own business?

  1. I was wondering if anyone here has their own business, maybe a franchise and how do they like it:heart: ????
  2. Husband and I have a men's clothing franchise from Turkey (Tween/Damat/ADV).
    it's great but it takes so much work and lots of trips to see the collections and to buy more items etc.
    openning the shop is always the most stressful cause you set a time for yourself and you want to get it all done in time ;)
  3. Mine is not a franchise business or anything, it's a small vegetables/fruits supplier business. I cater to the local supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterings, and currently employs 18 ppl. Flexible working hours and income (if the company does good) are a big plus, but on the other hand, you gotta think about overheads each month, such as staff's salaries, electricity/phone bills, trucks' leasings (I have 5 going), paying our suppliers, and other lil trinkets. Not too mention when you're absolutely broke, one of your staff comes to you innocently and ask for a loan :confused1: Patience is something that's being tested daily :P

    Are you thinking of starting your own business? If so, what area of business are you looking at? Just remember that when you have your own business and you employ ppl, you're being responsible for them. Whether the business is doing good or not monthly salaries are a must. For me, I'm not that type of person who can do 9 to 5 behind the desk everyday. I need a dynamic environment, and my current biz gives me just that.
  4. My family and I run a company manufacturing BBQ's and selling them to the public. We currently do all of our sales off of the internet but have started promoting and selling them at Home Shows in the Southwest. It is a looooot of work, but I really enjoy it! It is nice being your own boss but you bear a lot of responsiblities. The only downfall to our company is that every product is handmade and made by order, so when we start to run behind on orders people get antsy. Right now, we are still a small family business with about 12 employee's but we are quickly growing so it is exciting to see it really start to take off.
  5. I currently work as an accountant for the family business which is basically owning real estate. Im looking into different things but it is difficult because I live in Madrid, Spain and here people are not heavy consumers by nature unlike the US. People are quite set in their ways, they dont like change, they consume EVERYTHING in moderation and although the majority of the trends do come from the States not every business that works over there would work over here. I was considering at one point opening a Vitamin and Health store sort of a GNC but I believe that you need to own more than one to actually make a decent profit. Basically, I am at the stage of discovering a niche in the market.:confused1:
  6. I am sure you will be successful at whatever you decide upon. Good luck!
  7. My BF owns a mortgage. They do mortgages, re-fi's,and all sorts of others loans. It is difficult being an owner. Like Sarah said you have to worry about your overhead: rent, employees, leads, etc even when you are having a bad month and you have a lot of expenses. However when business is good an owners profits are definitely a perk.
  8. DH and I own our biz together. He started it young and he runs it on his own. It has its' advantages... but disadvantages too. I call the business his "second wife". Hehe. It is a lot of work, you can't just 'punch out' at 5 p.m. - you're on-call 24/7. But he is the type of person who could never work for someone else - as a matter of fact, he never has.

    Owning a biz is a completely different animal from just 'having a job'. I don't mean that in a condescending way - anyone who's owned a business can attest. It can be tremendously rewarding - but it's a challenge too.
  9. My DH and I own a business with my sister and her DH...we put greetings in people's front yards, lol. It is a fun type of business and it definitely has it's rewards. I enjoy it.
  10. I dont quite understand what exactly is it that you do???
  11. Does sound like fun :smile: but as tati133 said, what exactly is it? :smile:

    I've always wanted to get into party planning or something like that.
    I love to decorate for birthday parties sooo much!
    but I'm going to just stick to decorating family parties for now hehe ..
    but your buisness sounds like a cool idea ^_^
  12. My dream business would be to set up anything related to health and fitness like a healthy cafe or a boutique that sold clothes for the gym. Cute:love:
  13. My husband and I have a jewelry business. We spent almost 20 years in the retail industry when a chance to buy a fledging business came along. We discussed it and decided it may be a chance we would never see again. We bought into it and have never looked back. It has been great being on the "other" side of retail where you choose the designs that you manufacture and all that wonderful stuff.
    We have worked with a few "celebs" on manufacturing their "own" designs. One was Paula Abdul, thankfully she has decided to find another maufacturer. We are currently working on some new and exciting things for next year.
    You may see our newest collection that is hitting the streets. It is being campaigned through an ad that has a whole bunch of M&M's and floating in it there are rings of different colors. It is our InColor campaigne. You''ll see it soon in magazines. It's really cool. If you are interested in diamonds and would like to learn more of where some of the world's best comes from please visit our site Kristall Diamonds
  14. Oh its definitely like the second wife. My bf works 12 hours on a good day :smile:. When he isn't at work he is answering emails and phone calls.
  15. My husband and I just started a business in the Philippines last year.
    We raise prawns and crabs in a total of 30 hectare property
    for international export that goes to hotels and restaurants.
    We just set everything up there and have people working for us.
    and so far... its doing well.