does anyone own the...

  1. coach ergo mahogany patent leather hobo? what do you think of it?
    thanks in advance!
  2. anyone?!?!?!
  3. Well, I don't own one, but I've seen it and it's gorgeous. I think the mahogany is my fav of the patent colors. It is large too. I think it only comes in the large size. Maybe someone will have more info.

    Search in old threads because it seems like someone posted about their love for "shiny leather" . :smile:
  4. I have the black one, but would love to have the mahogany and the red as well. The mahogany is so pretty, it is a very dark brown. I believe the patent Ergo hobos only come in one size, and it is large. I carry a lot of stuff and still have never filled mine up.
    Coach Patent Ergo Hobo 070818.jpg
  5. I have the Mahogany one. I love it because it looks black and brown and is light weight. I get compliments on it all the time.