Does anyone own the...

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  1. I've always thought that bag was so beautiful! Are you going to get it?
  2. I used to want the Damier Highbury but when I saw it in the store it seemed a little big for me. I'm 5 feet. =)
  3. It's not a petite bag. I tried to talk a friend into buying it, as it has two compartments and she is picky about that. She got a Belem instead, but I think this bag is really nice.
  4. I would get other LV bags than the Damier Highbury. Just not my style.
  5. I think it's a pretty style, but I agree with Jane, it's not my personal style. But of course what matters most is what you think. Personally I love some of the other Damier styles better, like the Uzes, Saleya, Duomo, Knightsbridge- also there are new Damier styles coming out April 1st I believe so maybe wait and see if you like those?
  6. I saw it at the boutiue. The SA brought it out for me. Its so much prettier IRL! That photo doesn't do it justice. It's one of the nicer damier bags i've seen.
  7. looks good..but i wouldnt buy it...
    its huge isnt it?
  8. I 've tried it in store and I agree that it's TDF! I wanted to get it last Dec however, it was not prepared to spend $2600 SIN for it:crybaby: . I got myself a vernis zippy and wapity instead. But I'm saving up for it anyhow. Must get!:nuts: