does anyone own the tulum pm?

  1. I would love to see a picture of how it looks!
  2. i almost did but changed my mind... you never know though it may change
  3. You can see it on the site. My sister received one from her DH as part of their 3rd wedding anniversary celebration. She loves it!
  4. i mean of how it looks on! hee!
  5. I love this bag! Yes. someone post pics! Pretty please! :flowers:
  6. I have the GM which I wear across my bod like a messenger bag.
  7. Here's mine. i love it.
    pm2 (2).jpg
  8. it looks really nice on you kathyd!
  9. thanks. it's not too big, but large enough to hold lots of things. My shoulder would hurt from carrying a very large bag. some like the gm though.
  10. Oh Kathy that's beautiful!!! I bought the cerise speedy because of your picture (with those nice shoes!) Don't make me buy another bag!!! :P
  11. mas2388 ... saw a young lady my age (late 20s) trying the tulum and the tikal at the LV boutique.

    i really liked the tulum actually b/c of the unusual shape... it looked very cute when i saw it on a person.
  12. thanks for the advice babyhart!
  13. It looks gorgeous on you! :yes:
  14. I have a gm which IMO is just like the PM except with a longer strap. I love that bag.