Does anyone own the silver Manolo SATC "stolen" shoe in a 40.5?

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  1. This one :heart:


    This is neither a "want to buy" nor a "want to sell" thread, but a while ago I bought these in a 41 as that's my usual size. I didn't realise at the time that they ran big.

    I know it's a long shot but I was wondering, if anyone owns this shoe in a 40.5 would you be able to measure the inside footbed for me? I need to know whether I should try and find a pair in 40.5 or stick something inside the 41s to make them fit.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would suggest trying a size 40, that might be easier to find.

    I wear a 41 regularly but my Sedaraby's are a 40 and fit perfectly.
  3. Thanks for that information, you wouldn't be able to measure yours for me would you?
  4. i adore those shoes ... i have a big foot too so does that mean i need to size down? Im a normal 10 (so 40/1 depending on the make)
  5. *bump*

    I've had a very lovely pfer measure a 40 for me, which would be too small. I could really do with finding out the measurement of the 40.5 if anyone can help.

    I emailed natural gas girl a couple of days ago to ask her as she has some for sale, but I've had no answer so far :sweatdrop:
  6. How much of a gap is there in the heel of the 41s? Did you measure the 41s? Based on the measurment you gave me that you need & my experience with the 40s and 41s, I *think* you would be fine with a 40.5.

    Another suggestion would be to find another pair of d'Orsay style Manolos in a store in the size you need- the Sedarabys should fit the same.

    Can you return the 40.5 if you buy them?
  7. I'd email NGG again.. I tried buying a pair of shoes from her a couple weeks ago and she was really good about answering my questions, usually within the hour. The one time she didn't respond was when she totally just forgot to. After emailing her the 2nd time about it she got right back to me and apologized for forgetting. She is very nice.
  8. ringing_phone - Well I bought the 41s on ebay, and I think I'd probably have to search for a 40.5 the same way.
    I'm in the UK so most US department stores don't take online international orders and I wouldn't even like to think how returns would work :Push:

    I'll measure mine when I get home, I'm sure they were too big though. I just didn't want to admit it when I got them since I was so excited to find them.

    I'll email ngg again, thanks meggy :smile:
  9. I think I am the only person who doesn't size down with Sedarabys. I am a 38 in regular shoes and the 38 Sedarabys fit perfectly. 37.5 was a bit squishy. Weird.