does anyone own the Shoulder?

  1. please post your pics! tried the photos wearing your bbag thread and no one has a pic....

  2. I have a Truffle Shoulder that is brand new. The color is great but I need to get rid of it since I just received my Truffle Purse. I do want one but in a different color. Here are some pics.



  3. ^^
    love your Truffle shoulder!

    Here is my Black shoulder
  4. Thanks, your black has great leather!
  5. I've a '06 black shoulder :yahoo: (shown on this picture with some other little goodies ;) )

  6. Here's my magenta:heart:

  7. Ohhhh :nuts: this looks so cute :yahoo: !!! Thank you for sharing Z&J :love:

  8. your ladies' shoulders are so cute!!! do you use it everyday for quick errands? or for fancy events?
  9. Wow, your Shoulders are so lovely! The magenta ones esp. makes me :drool: Is it true that the style is being discontinued? If so I may need to hurry up and get one soon!
  10. firstclass :drool: :drool: :drool:

    personally i don't think i'll ever have a shoulder.. it'll be too small for my needs. i'd rather have it in make up clutch :yes: but i think u can detach the shoulder straps on the shoulder??
    or the old '04 clutch :drool:
  11. I have 4 Shoulders:
    • 2004 F/W - Black (pictured)
    • 2004/5 Holiday Collection - Orange Metallic (pictured)
    • 2004/5 Holiday Collection - Rouge (pictured)
    • 2005 - Denim w/ Marron Leather
    Compagnon+Makeup+Shoulder.jpg Orange Metallic Shoulder - BEST Whole 1.jpg Rouge Metallic Shoulder - BEST Whole 1.jpg
  12. I just got one in Taupe - love it! Have only had it for a few days so haven't used it yet, but I bet I will use it a lot as an evening bag, or something to run errands with.
    L1000319.JPG L1000320.JPG
  13. Does anyone have pics WEARING the Shoulder? I've never tried this size on and I'd love to see how it is when worn...

  14. [​IMG]

    pale rose shoulder. i never used this bc i also have a pale rose WE which i use alot.:heart:

  15. Pic not showing?? :shrugs: