Does anyone own the sbs & a ledbury ?

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  1. Does anyone own the sbs and a ledbury ? Are they the same size ? Just wondering which you like better and why ? It appears from pictures that the ledbury is a bit longer in length but not sure. I have a ledbury and am debating purchasing the sbs but don't have a store nearby......yet. Thanks !
  2. I have a ledbury and used to have an SBS but i don't think I ever compared the size. I assumed that they were pretty similar. I wear my ledbury with my alexa strap
  3. I've got both - my lovely Red Onion SBS and a black NVT Ledbury. Like Smally says, they're pretty much the same although the shape looks a teeny bit different because of the construction method (the sides are pulled out a bit further on the SBS where the loop for the strap is attached, but fold right in on the Ledbury).

    The main difference is in the length of the handles - the Ledbury's are longer than the SBS's. Neither goes over the shoulder and both go over the arm (SBS is a bit tight and doesn't hang so well).

    I've got a strap attached to my Ledbury too, but haven't really found a satisfactory way of attaching it yet - the straps sort of interfere with the top flap when it's closed, pulling it out of shape at the edges.

    Couldn't say that I prefer one over the other, but if I could find the perfect way of attaching a strap to a Ledbury, that's the way I would go for my next one purely because Ledburys are cheaper!
  4. Have both ledburys and SBS...size is virtually the same, handles on leddy very slightly longer. SBS obviously has the option of shoulder strap, though quite a few TPFers wear the Leddy with an added strap. Love my Leddys for the variety of leathers and colours....:smile:
    Crimson spazzalato Ledbury & conker large grain nappa SBS
  5. Thanks, this helps ! I definitely want another Ledbury but they are sooooo hard to find ! Everytime one comes up on ebay it seems I miss it ! And I want Oak along with everyone else !
  6. Thanks so much for your time to take pictures ! This really helps. I see they are VERY similar but for some reason I like the ledbury better ! Wish they hadn't discontinued !
  7. Im with you!! I think you prefer the ledbury as the leather on these was much much better in the past when Ledbury was being made - just imho!!
  8. Its a shame they discontinued them, they are lot more cost effective. As much as a lot of us like sbs...that's a helluva expensive strap. The ledburys do go quite fast on eBay don't they and not so many in oak either.
  9. How do people add their straps to the ledburys? Is there a hole or hook for them?
  10. Drop Kennedyflair a PM, I know she attached rings to hers to enable it to be carried with a strap....

  11. Reading through the thread, looks like Ledbury is "winning the vote" (must admit I nearly dived in for a pretty pink one on Ebay a few weeks back) BUT, my first ever SBS (never even seen one irl before) arrived today, and I'm smitten - in fact, seriously considering an outlet phone call for a second one - it's gorgeous & def' the every day bag for me now, xH

  12. Haha! We all know that feeling! :biggrin:

    Which one arrived today?
  13. Drop dead gorgeous conker SBS - but i NEED a conker purse / pouch / what ever now & they don't seem to exist ??
    Will have to throw myself on the mercy of the Outlet visitors to try & spy one for me !!!!!!!!!!!! xH
  14. Conker SBS have I missed something?
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    Is this the one you are after as im after one as well and have been looking (not this one though) to replace my printed black bays when its sold.
    So then it doesnt break my ban and is a swap and also cost the earth.:roflmfao:
    Oh dear its gone never mind had a feeling it would fly out. I hope you find one soon.