Does anyone own the Playground bracelet?

  1. And if so, how do you like it? Is it nice in person, and do you actually wear it often? I'm thinking about getting one. :smile:
  2. Do they make it? :confused1: I thought the bracelet came out around the time of foresta and citta but I could be wrong.
  3. BLEHHH. Sorry for the double-post. I hit something funny on my keyboard.
  4. Yes, I have one. I really like it but I might take it apart to make separate pendants for a necklace or something...oddly, the bracelet itself tarnishes. I dont know if it can be cleaned, even though my bf says you can clean it. Idk. I don't use it that often..because I'm afraid it will tarnish and it's kinda heavy & the pendants are big..but I still like it. lol.

    JapanLA, and the Chic Icon store here still has some...they're like $50...
  5. Hmmm... did the tag say what the chain is made of? If it's silver it can be cleaned with silver polish, if it's not, I'm not sure what it could be safely cleaned with.
  6. It actually didn't have a tag...I got it from JapanLA, it was just in a lil black bag lolz.
  7. Maybe someone else will reply who knows what the silver part is made of..
  8. has some too. I got mine from tere yesterday and it is super cute. I love it. In the tobi description in says "100% sterling silver". I am keeping mine in one of those anti tarnish jewelry boxes that I got from QVC
  9. Thanks for the info, venaca. :smile: It should be pretty easy to clean with my silver polish then.
  10. I have 2 and they are so cute but the charms are big and heavy. I took one apart to use as pendants.
  11. The charms are pretty big. I like the idea of using the charms as pendants instead. I got mine at Up against the wall and they were marked down to $30 at the time. They actually had almost all of their tokidoki jewelry marked down:happydance: so i was happy!
  12. oohh when was this?
  13. i really dont think its sterling silver imo...looks plated to me and it doesnt have any stamp 925 anywhere on mine..
  14. If it's not stamped .925, it's not sterling silver... just so people know...

    It doesn't look like silver to me, either.
  15. Yeah, I don't think it is silver...idk I never really had anything silver, but it's not supposed to like tarnish that fast eh? LOL...

    I think those sterling silver stuff...that's like the charms that cost alot...