does anyone own the new Chanel melrose bag?

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  1. I think I like it, but sorta still unsure. ANY ADVICE????
  2. do u mean melrose cabas or flap?
  3. cabas
  4. I have the melrose cabas in jersey. Its light and one of my favorite chanel bags.
  5. I have the Melrose Cabas in vinyl gradient. Although I previously purchased the Melrose jumbo flap in vinyl gradient already, I cannot get myself to return the cabas version since it is just too awesome. I just might end up using both as purse/carry-on combo for my next air travel...
  6. I have the Melrose cabas in vinyl gradient too and I love it..
  7. i have the flap, it's really light and the size is just right for an everyday bag. it packs a lot... but it's not really a classic piece, if you know what i mean...
  8. I too got my wife the melrose flap version. Very light and trendy. :tup:
  9. I have the flap also in gradient..its light and easy carry..its not a classic but the color quite matches with mostly everything I wear....
  10. I have the melrose cabas in vinyl gradient and I pretty much use it all the time. I love it...its light and goes with practically everything i wear since I'm a very casual dresser. ( jeans & T's )