Does anyone own the Naked Flap?

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  1. Hi - does anyone own the naked flap? If so, I was wondering how you are using it (as a special event bag, as an everyday bag, as a whimsical bag, etc), if you find it useful because it is see-through after all?

    I have an opportunity to purchase it for a very low price and just wondering if I should pull the trigger.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If its what you want then do it. Especially if its a steal.
    I would use it as an evening bag. I wouldn't see the practicality of using it everyday.
  3. i wouldn't use it everyday. if i were to get it, it'd probably be for the idea that it makes a fun fab bag to parties or that sort. then again, i don't like the idea of having my personal stuff exposed PLUS it's in vinyl (i wouldn't buy a vinyl bag no matter what IMO).
  4. ^ITA. Even if it's a "great" deal, it's still vinyl at the end of the day.

    I agree that it's a fun bag to wear on a night out when you have the time to properly organize everything in your bag at all times to make it look neat from the outside in, but on a daily basis when you're throwing things in at random, I don't think it's very practical. :nogood:
  5. Selena owns the naked flap and she took some great pictures of it awhile ago. Can't find her thread now because the search function is not working at the moment.

    But you could ask her if she has been using it much and how it's holding up.
  6. It is one of those bags I just don't care for. Even at a steal, I'm guessing it is still probably around $400 or so and to me, that is just too much for it. I also think it can be a hazzard to let everyone see what you have in your purse. Unless you just really love it, I would probably just save the money and put it towards something you know you want.
  7. i don't, because i tend to have the inside of my bags all messed up with a lot of things i don't wish other people to see LOL
  8. can someone post a picture of the naked flap?
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Thank you so much!!! And thanks to Selena for the original post.

    I'm going to get it! The pictures are so fun and inspiring. Plus for $313.25 (no tax) it's hard to resist. The SA said that it is surprisingly quite nice in person.
  11. ^^ heck for 313.25...i would even get
  12. It's super cheap for a Chanel bag (whatever it made of). I'll definately get it. I have one and love mine a lot.

    Here's is mine. I put the cosmetic bag inside. I don't want other people to see my stuffs too.

  13. I dont mind that its made of vinyl (I love the ice cube flap). Its kind of nice in fact that no animal was harmed in the making of the bag lol. I just dont like the fact that its see through. I like to carry my items discreetly (isnt that why they invented handbags?) It kind of reminds me of something Wonder Woman would carry though :lol:. It would make a great cosmetic case though.
    EDITED to say that for $313 I'd surely get one even if it was for cosmetics and occasionally as a fun bag !
  14. Luccibag & Vicky2007 and all other tPFers who listened - thanks for being such wonderful enablers :yes:

    Apparently the chain is super nice because it is interwoven leather. And I'm sure even tho it's vinyl, it's nice vinyl cause it's Chanel.