does anyone own the mj banana hobo?

  1. does anyone own the mj banana hobo?

    i love the price,shape, size, weight, and color. the only thing that is bothering me is the opening of the bag is too small. i feel like it would kind of annoying to put my stuff in there, because of the small opening.

    is it just me or do you mj banana hobo owners feel the same way?
  2. I agree.. I love everything about the banana hobo except for the opening. I would still use it, except my mother permanently borrowed it. She uses it regularly, despite the inconveniently small opening. It hangs so beautifully when worn on the shoulder. If I had the opportunity to buy it again for a good price, I wouldn't hesitate.

    I guess on the upside, it deters pickpocketers from getting their grubby hands in there!
  3. Is the Banana Hobo the bag with a thick, flat strap and two zippers on the front? If so, I saw a girl carrying a Bronze colored bag at Starbucks on Wed. and it was beautiful. It looked great carried on the shoulder.
  4. When I first got mine, I thought the opening was small, but I don't have a problem with getting anything out (or into) of the bag.
  5. would love to see this one...anyone have a pic?
  6. yup. i've going to find a photo for you.
  7. found a photo online
  8. kiss_p, the small opening doesn't annoy you?
  9. I had the banana hobo with the leather shoulder strap in black last year and then sold it, I now have it in ivory. I love it, it has a similar look to the Stam with the quilting and the zips but is waaay lighter. It is really comfortable to use and looks eally cool. The opening isn't huge but I don't find it a poblem at all. I think it's an awesome bag and the leathr is very hardwearing.:smile:
  10. It must not, because I just checked and I have some old sale postcards (size of a half sheet of paper) in it, unfolded! :p Also, I can get a long wallet in and out of it without a problem. At first, I thought the zipper pockets on the outside were too small for anything, but they are just the right size for my subway card and house key. I also really like the strap. It's kinda cushioned, so it's very comfortable. I have to admit, that I got mine at a really low sale price, so I use it as an everyday work bag. It's holding up quite well, considering that I don't baby it at all!
  11. I own this bag in black and I love it too. It's one of my true day-to-day bags. The opening kinda bothered me at first, but I guess I just got used to it. It doesn't bother me at all anymore. I use my ZC in it all the time. I would easily get another one in a different color.
  12. I have two! A bronze one and a camel one! I love them both...although i ruined the shoulder strap...i went to a game and it was raining and the bronze part got all messed up...:cursing::lecture:totally hate myself for this...! Matter of fact i'll post pics.
  13. Bumping this! I am lusting DIE HARD for a banana hobo right now. I've seen some black ones here and there, anyone know where I can find one with a leather strap?
  14. desi, i haven't seen any, but i'll keep my eyes peeled! :heart: any particular color?
  15. They're not too common, but we'll keep an eye out for you on eBay and Bonanzle!