Does anyone own the minibout zep? Thoughts?

  1. Everyone I know who's gotten them loves them!

    Survey says TTS or only 1/2 up if wider feet.

    HIH! :flowers:
  2. I tried them on on saturday and it was TTS. I found them very hard to walk in - the heel is 130mm, and I'm not used very high heels. I didn't buy them but they did look nice.
  3. stinas has them in the black and's tts accdg to her..hopefully she'll tune in soon..
  4. I have the black Minibout Zeppa and absolutely love them! Best part is that they are no-fuss and don't require a perfect pedicure to wear because you see only a little bit of your toe.

    As far as sizing, I sized up a full size from my true U.S. size. I am a 7.5 U.S. (and my foot is a little wide), usually wear a 38 in CLs, but got the Minibouts in a 38.5. I could have done only a 1/2 size up, but the full size up was just a lot more comfortable and eased the pitch of these shoes.
  5. I just got a pair in taupe yesterday. I love them--they're both cute and hot at the same time! I think they look great with red toe nail polish peeking out of that little "bout." The small opening does not make them uncomfortable at all, in my opinion--it doesn't affect the fit--it's just cute.

    They fit TTS for me--although my feet are average width. The toe box is short, so apparently people with longer toes find them a bad fit--so said the SA I chatted with.

    I don't find them too high--the platform makes a big difference. They are quite nice to walk in, I find!
  6. I tried them and they looked great, but they were not comfortable for me. They were tts.
  7. Does anyone have any photos of these on by chance? I searched but this style doesn't seem as popluar as others on here. I appreciate all the help so far. I need to bite the bullet and go check them out.
  8. For modeling pics, check the *Post pics of your LOUBOUTINS* sticky... :smile:
  9. Stinas posted some really nice pics on page 136 of the "Post pics..." thread.
  10. Thank you all so much.
  11. i triem them on at Saks in the taupe color and although they looked great they were really uncomfortable for the point that I couldn't even walk. They were TTS for me as well.