Does anyone own the Mila Clutch?

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  1. My birthday is coming up and I was thinking about treating myself to one of these. Does anyone have one. Is it big enough for an iphone, cash, cards and keys or would a pochette be better.
  2. I think if you heck out the Milla Clubhouse, some people have posted how much can fit inside. It really is super cute but a little on the thin side. A Mini or reg Pochette may be better.
  3. I can fit all of that in the Milla MM. my iPhone has an otter box on it which makes it twice as big and there is still more room
  4. Get one! I can fit all of those in there but I use mine as a cosmetic bag attached to my Speedy. I can show you a pic if you would like. :smile:
  5. I have the Milla PM, so I won't comment on what fits inside (mine's small!) but I WILL comment on the design/quality. It's my favorite SLG! Gorgeous!
  6. I have the Milla MM and I love it. I can fit all my cards and money in it as well as an iPhone and some small lipsticks and whatnot. If I am not using the otter box on my phone as a case, then I can fit a small coin purse in it as well. You just have to be smart about what you put inside and only include the things you really need. When I am not using it as a clutch, I use it as a wallet and fit more makeup and small things inside to keep my neverfull organized.
  7. i have the milla mm in mc black. i can fit my blackberry, credit cards, cash and a chanel lip gloss. it does not fit a zcp and a blackberry very well. it would fit a cles though if you wanted to put your items in a cles first. it does have a nice interior slip pocket, which i put my $$ bills in, so i don't usually take a wallet when i use it. i like the lobster clasp and the fact that it is a bit fancier than the pochette. i also got one in white and sold it due to wanting to fund another bag, and seriously regret it. lol
  8. Definately check out the Milla Clubhouse. It is so informative and there are some great pics. But i say GO FOR IT, i have 2 Millas and I love them!