Does anyone own the keira hobo?

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  1. Hey guys! I am about to purchase a pre-loved mulberry keira hobo bag. The one named after british actress keira knightley and its been discontinued for several years now I think. It's super adorable! I'm dying to know if anyone else owns the this bag and if shes still being loved. Hoping for some keira posts! Thanks...
  2. Early January i nearly bought the lovehandbag pink keira. Someone else on here (aside from Polly) nearly bought it in late January. That bag has been on the brink of selling many, many times, lol. If you go through with it, I hope she brings you much joy. I expect she will be very pleased to finally get to a loving home xx
  3. Also, at the time I was interested I googled all over the internet trying to find more info on the style but did not come up with much. I think it came in 3 colours, pumpkin, mauve and a green shade. IMHO, the mauve is the nicest! Although you cannot see from the lovehandbag pics, I believe that all the studs on the bag are embossed with the little mulberry tree logo. The bag looks quite big against the mannequin, it is certainly bigger than the Roxy style.
  4. Thank you pollyp79 and IWantANewBag for your replies. :smile:
    I too have been tempted by the gorgeous mauve keira on
    It seems to be the only site selling it! I was not successful anywhere else.
    After much thinking I decided to just go ahead and get it before it's gone forever.
    It certainly doesn't help that keira is one of my fav actress :girlsigh:
  5. CONGRATS!!! Please promise us that you will come back and do some 'reveal' shots of your fab new bag. I am really pleased that she has gone to a TPF member. I hope you are delighted with her xx
  6. Thank you So much! I am definitely posting up reveal shots when it comes home.
    I hope I will love her even more in person~ :biggrin:
  7. Guess what I have been oggling it every so often too, I have seen it in real life my friend uses only 3 mulberrys keira (pumpkin?) oak roxy and cross body messenger. It is a lovely bag fantastic for the new spring summer and someone needs to buy it poor thing needs adopting to a loving home I think it would of probably sold sooner had there not been so many discount deals on mw and new style bags out. Grab it while you can!
    Hope you love her loads
  8. Great news that you will be back to reveal. Thank you! agree that it will be a gorgeous for the spring and summer. The mauve looks a very wearable colour. Think it would look fab with all colours bar perhaps red. I love pink, the bag kind of looks a shade of pink to me. I am sure you will be very proud to have her on your arm! Xx