Does anyone own the Grace?

  1. I don't own it but looking at the pictures, it doesn't look like something I would purchase. The design doesn't really hit me as something really unique. Like you said, its only 3" in deep and from the pictures it doesn't look like you can fit much into it. I am getting more and more used to big bags with wide bottoms. I don't think I would be able to go back! =P
  2. I like it because it looks quite retro! Oh, so many RM bags to buy, so little money and shelf space.
  3. I Have The Tomato Grace And I'll Try To Post Pics This Weekend. I Think It Does Hold Quite A Bit. You'll See From My Pics What It Looks Like Irl. Hth!
  4. Thanks, pursegrl12! Looking forward to your pics!
  5. I have one in navy and I love it. I can cram quite a bit in there when necessary.
  6. I have one in navy, and I love it. I can cram quite a bit in there when necessary. I even used it when I went to conference and was able to get a legal pad and a big book in there while I was at lunch.
  7. Oops. Sorry about the double-post. My computer freaked, thanks to help from button-punching baby hands!
  8. Thanks for sharing fabae! :smile: And I know what you mean about baby button-punching!
  9. ok, here she is as requested!
    100_0933 (2).jpg 100_0938 (2).jpg 100_0940 (2).jpg 100_0941 (2).jpg