Does anyone own the Fuji FinePix Z1?

  1. I am thinking about buying the Fuji FinePix Z1 Digital Camera because it looks really good, is really small and handy and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it?I am not really that good with electronics :smile:
  2. I have a canon Powershot camera..its so easy to use..
  3. I have a Fuji Finepix that I recieved as a gift last year or the year before (can't remember) it's bigger than yours. I just recently started using it. Yeah at first it was really complicated. After you do it once though, it gets easier from there. I'm one of those people that don't read the instruction manuels so I figured it all out on my own. Of course it probably would have been easier if I did read it. It is a newer camera so it's probably awhole lot easier & advanced than mine.
  4. I have the same as you, Canon
  5. 12-12-05_1546.jpg
    I have the Z2, it rocks! It's also super cute as mine is candy apple red :heart:
    Picture taken with my Razr V3
  6. Oh, and it takes videos too which is cool!
    I chose this particular camera because I hate wanting to take a picture and by the time you switch the camera on and it's ready to take the pic, a couple of seconds have passed and the subject has moved or something...
    The fuji Z2 takes very little time being "ready".
  7. Thanks!:smile: Can't wait to buy it now!